Any plans of porting to Scryer?

Hey, recently discovered TerminusDB and mind=blown, will definitely be diving into this project.

Quick question: What prolog implementation are you using? Would the Scryer compiler be an appropriate target?

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We really like the Scryer prolog implementation, but it was not yet as developed as SWI-Prolog so we opted to target that instead. Initially we tended towards portability, but dictionaries are just too attractive not to use, so in order to port to Scryer there would need to be a dictionary implementation.

In addition there would need to be a fairly well developed FFI.

Thanks @gavin . Can I ask a quick follow up?: Looks like so far terminusdb is supported for python and js applications but not prolog? :frowning: Any plans to implement a client for prolog?

@gavin damn there’s no option to edit comments, but I was going to add “or is this already somehow possible by the nature of terminus having been build in prolog? Could you say a few words on this?”

@gavin sorry, one last thing: If I could ask you to please take a look when you get the chance? Is the sub being actively monitored?