Any (preferably U.S.) Terminators interested in a data warehousing job?

We don’t use Terminus in our data warehouse, but maybe that could change if I had another capable person on the team. The work is fun, meaningful (literally curing cancer), and challenging. My manager is excellent. My current project is way too big for just me, so I need help. There’s no one I’d rather work with than one of you folks.

What I currently need help with:

  • Standing up a Docker Swarm cluster
  • Setting up Gluster distributed high-availability storage on that cluster
  • Developing a distributed Python application for fetching and OCRing documents for cancer researchers. The application will be deployed as Docker containers on the above-mentioned cluster.
  • Configuring the underlying technologies: Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Faust.

Once we lay this foundation, we’ll probably spend a lot of time developing plugins for this distributed Python application to fetch from different sources and process in various ways. I envision it as eventually becoming the central hub for researchers and nurses to request data that’s too big or needs special processing.

And once that work starts to wind down, let’s demo a POC of Terminus to some key folks at the hospital… The people here are pretty open to new technologies.

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. We’d prefer someone from the U.S. but if you’re really interested and outside the U.S., send me a message anyway, and I’ll see what I can do.

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Did you get anybody replying @aram? Would be interested to hear!

Hi @luke I got a reply, but my manager pulled the rug from under me a little bit - looks like we don’t have an opening after all. :frowning_face: It’s not his fault - I think the pandemic just affected our budget.

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Aha! Well, live to fight another day. Thanks for letting us know @aram.