Attn: Today starts 4-day long ActivityPub / Fediverse conference

This is a heads up that ActivityPub 2020 Conference is held, starting from today. The conference is live online, and though all seats are sold out, the various talks have been pre-recorded and can be watched from the Conference website and discussed on SocialHub forum.

To @luke and others at Terminus: There are several interesting talks and discussions of interest to Terminus. AP / Fediverse being based on JSON-LD linked data specs offers great opportunity imho for Terminus applications.

Some interesting links:

Some things you may want to follow-up on:

And a bit OT:

  • Go-Fed: Past, Present, and Future. The go-fed ActivityPub library supports arbitrary extensions based on JSON-LD formatted OWL2 vocabulary definitions. Currently the DB layer only offers a Postgres impl. I am interested in using go-fed and this may include evaluating a Terminus impl.

Finally, not related to Terminus, but a must-watch imho:

And finally finally, there’s a place where Terminus can show interest in future cooperation to help the Fediverse mature. (Note: needs trust level 1 on the forum before editing wiki post is possible, which you get after a few comments).

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This is great - thanks for highlighting. I will check in some NoSQL talks and show interest in future cooperation. Others might be interested in some of this too!

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