Can't Connect to Terminus Hub via Google Account

I’m unable to connect to Terminus Hub using the OSX TerminusDB client.

  • I click the “Connect to Hub” button
  • I click the “Log In” tab
  • I click “Sign in with Google”
  • I enter the email address I used to sign up for TerminusHub
  • I click “Next”
    Then I get the following message that I couldn’t be signed in, “This browser or app may not be secure”.

Using TerminusDB client version 4.1.0 (4.1.0)

Hi - thanks for this: I have been getting the same issue (it also doesn’t let you chose the google account). We are investigating what exactly is going wrong - it seems to be a windows specific problem (some google forums have noted the same issue).

As a work around, you can sign up with your google account on the TerminusHub page ( and then the console should allow you to sign in using this method.

Windows security is Byzantine in its complexity; but we will have it sorted soon.

This is happening on my MacBook. So maybe they share the same security problem?

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Yes - must be the electron app on Mac and Windows as the Linux app seems to work ok. Trying to get through the google documentation to see what it happening. Will report back.