Compliments on Blog and YouTube channel

Just came in here to say that I really like your blog posts and the steady stream of video’s that are posted to YT.

I see there is also a Reddit channel, maybe not used anymore (watch out to not spread communication too thin, and having knowledge/comments everywhere).

Very happy to see that blog posts are not just on Medium but also on your own site. Note that there is a good chance that you can attach Discourse topics as comment section to each of the article and in this way make the comments part of forum discussion.

Really liked @kevin’s Graph Fundamentals series (note, part 4 on the blog has 3 broken links to previous articles), and how they addressed the pitfalls of the Semantic Web hype, which got me very enthusiastic at the time too. Recently I’ve been more involved on the Solid community forum and have the nagging feeling that the Solid Project Scope is a veiled attempt to reboot the semantic web with a this time even more innocuous-sounding project summary of “Switch between storage and apps while taking the data along” - precondition: semantic web. I can very well be wrong, though :slight_smile:

So @kevin I really dig the ‘feet on the ground’ and reconsider linked data + OWL from there approach. Therefore a good follow-up to ‘Why graph will win’ imho would be a (maybe series of) ‘Best-practices of designing OWL-based schema’s’, which avoids the bad stuff. Might even be the start of a pattern library.

To my previous post where I outline my use case for TerminusDB I added some more info on why I find the combination of DDD with Linked Data so interesting. Might be something you also wish to explore.

As I said there I think the Fediverse is a good place to find contributors, and there are opportunities to make a great splash by targeting blog etc. content to the developer audience that resides there (innovative, practical hands-on types, FOSS-minded, alternative decentralized web fans).


Thanks a lot for the nice feedback! Yes, I have a series of down and dirty articles in the pipeline about very specific modelling issues - first one is “stars vs boxes” annotating links in RDF - others look at good ways of modelling temporal and emphemeral relationships. It would be great to get a community effort going to build out such pattern libraries. With the launch of terminus hub, the technical barriers will be very low - we can clone whole databases complete with query collections and all of their comments and revision history (one of the reasons we really wanted to make WOQL 100% JSON-LD - we can now save validated woqls in the db like any other data).

We really like the idea of opening up this distribution mechanism to a broad community of interested people who can share and debate and collectively form useful pattern and fragment libraries.

Also, amen brother when it comes to the impracticality of some of the Sem-Web stuff. I want to make stuff that kills facebook, not toys for academics. :slight_smile:

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It is cool… I just found the perfect follow-up to your 4-part article series in this paper by Ruben Verborgh:

It is a recognition of all of the problematic aspects you described so well. I just posted a more elaborate quote from that article in Solid forum Aligning efforts in LD schema / ontology design + adoption (comment). This topic might be a place for you to drop in a word or two, as the needed initiative could be exactly the pattern libraries and fragments on Terminus Hub. But I leave that to you… you probably need 4 hands already instead of merely the two :smile:

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Thanks for the recognition of the YT videos and the blogs - we work hard to try to build up a backlog of useful stuff for people to check out. We also have a podcast (which would be a great place to chat about Solid and how it might interact with TerminusDB if you are interested!) and a twitch channel ( where @Cheukting runs a weekly ‘World of WoqlCraft’ session. Since the beginning of the COVID shutdown we’ve adapted to using all these gamer platforms as we can’t have physical meetups.

The reddit is a little lonely, but we do post to various subreddits from time to time. We will revive and it is a good place marker, but as you say we don’t want to spread the comms to broadly as we will get lost.

I’ll also look into the comment section idea - seems like a great plan.

I am just leaving a lot of feedback at the Solid community (mostly from a product owner perspective) as I am investigating how to get more linked data concepts into Fediverse applications. I help the community get stronger. I am not really digging the project itself so far, in the way it is approached.

BTW, I also posted to socialhub:

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