Discussion: Document Management in TerminusDB

The document interface that ships with TerminusDB 4.0 is basically a “CMS in a box” for terminus data-objects. The documents page allows you to filter and order documents of different types, create documents of any type through a simple form, view documents as either json-ld or a simple web-page and edit, delete, create and update them with no code.

What we have in 4.0.0 is the simplest version possible - under the hood there is a document view object which you can specify custom views on different document types - rules depending on object / data type for rendering - automatic use of maps / calendars / etc for different datatypes.

We will be rolling out a few different standard views - one being a notion-like wiki interface and also rolling out the view widgets - as part of our react-components github repo with documentation on how to create your own views for your own types.

The document view also is very useful to use alongside the schema builder tool - you can see what your document types will end up looking like as forms as you build them.

This is all part of a vision of enabling people to build sophisticated big data applications with no code / low code - the benefit of having a strong model is that you can automate the generation of much of the tedious boilerplate - forms, data validation, document APIs and so on.