Does TerminusDB Have a Bundle Capability

Does TerminusDB Have a Bundle Capability like Github? I am interested in taking only the changes from one Branch and create a Bundle or tar.gz. Then I can remotely add the Bundle changes to a Main database in a different location.

Not yet bundled up as an operation, but you can construct it fairly easily from a query.

will give you the list of additions and deletions for any given commit (by default it gives the latest commit, to set to another commit you can do using(“admin/mydb/_commits/COMMITID”).added_triples…

We will be bundling up more of these type of operations as convenient git-lick commands in the CLI but everything is more or less in place under the hood.

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The API supports a “pack” operation which gets a tgz of the layer changes. It would be possible to expose this functionality without too much work through the UI but it doesn’t exist yet.

What is the timeframe for this ‘pack’ (bundle like) operation. This is a key requirement that I will require in selecting the correct product. Please give me a timeline.

Please give me an example of this capability. Can this generate a bundle like file that can be easily merged into another branch?

The pack operation exists now but you need to access it through the HTTP API. It is designed in order to collect all deltas on a specific branch for push or pull operations.

If I understand you correctly, you’d like a dump of only a single branch that would then be replayable later. All of the information required for this is in the pack operation.

unpack and rebase are designed to utilise these packs in order to “play them back”.

It would be possible to expose this in a user friendly way from the UI but it would be helpful to know a bit more about the workflow you imagine. Can you describe in a bit of detail your usage scenario? If it is of high importance we can certainly make it appear quickly in the roadmap :smiley:

For example, if I have multiple locations with the same TerminusDB Database Main Branch. All locations have no network connectivity, All locations have their own working Branch. I need to bundle each working Branch and Merge the Bundles into the Main Branch or any other Branch.

I’ll expose a CLI call for dumping this pack to a file, and for loading it in the next Release Candidate (in approximately 1 week).

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As it turns out this was more involved than I had first anticipated.

The dev version of the CLI now implements a bundle / unbundle facility.

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