Insert take up 100% CPU on imported schema - how to debug?


I’m toying around with the PROV ontology for at project at work. I used client.insert_triples() in Python to load the turtle representation of it into TerminusDB 4.2.1. So far, so good.

However, as soon as I try to insert a triple via the web console, say for example, WOQL.insert("test", "prov:Entity"), TerminusDB starts to use 100% CPU and the query will never return. I have waited for at least half an hour before killing the process.

Is there a way to debug this / turn on more verbose logging? It is very hard for me to troubleshoot what the culprit might be without more information. I’m a bit new to both OWL and TerminusDB and any pointers would be most appreciated.

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I believe we have a bug in interpretation of the Prov ontology. We are looking at simplifying schema construction at the minute so I’m not sure this bug will be quickly fixed unfortunately.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Not much for me to do then. I’ll keep on testing what I can without importing PROV fully.