Link to paper "Evolving Meaningful Value from Enterprise Data"

Hi, in the docs there is a link to a case study “Evolving Meaningful Value from Enterprise Data”, but the link seems to be dead. Can I download the document somewhere?


Hello Peter,

We have been migrating the docs to a new structure and a few of the links have fallen along the way. Link to paper will be back working soon, but I can email you a copy and have also uploaded to our Discord server ( - in the ‘bugs-features-technical’ channel.

A version of the paper was also released as a chapter of a book we wrote and edited. We managed to convince the university and publisher to release as a free e-book, so you can check it out and download here:

Chapter 6 - Use Cases - is the place to look.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!


Thanks a lot, nice that they released it as free e-book :slight_smile:

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