Manual config.json for python CLI?

how do I connect to an existing terminusdb from the python CLI? terminusdb alldocs --schema returns FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'config.json' .

I am not using terminusdb startproject and not managing schema via a file. I have a db running on localhost that I drive using the python client. I manage the schema as json and used client.insert_document(schema_objects, graph_type="schema") to load the schema.

by “the python CLI”, I mean this:

You can manually create a config.json file like this:

    "database": "<dbid>",
    "endpoint": "http://localhost:6363",
    "team": "admin",
    "use JWT token": false

and a .TDB file like this:

{"branch": "main", "ref": null}

Then, the CLI will work.