[NOVA] Make programming easier

Hey Guys, my name is Daniel, 32yo, programmer and from Brazil.

Im interested in developing a no-code open-source project to enable common folk to create software to control information and teach (ontologies) to the program to solve their needs with a natural language interface.

As i see this is possible with the stack;
TerminusDB: Data management
[NOVA Reason]: I will develop a reasoner to traverse the graph and do data input / output
Dialogflow: Natural Language Processing

The UI will be always updated here: https://preview.uxpin.com/109e06db9c09ec07f22c112047aef0d34af8bdb0#/pages/?mode=i

if anyone was comments or ideas to contribute it would be awesome!

[ ]'s


Hi Daniel,

Sounds great - in TerminusDB 4.0 which is currently in canary being tested for release we have included a built-in document browser / editor / viewer in the console. It’s coded in react - not sure how close this is to what you’re interested in but it’s probably worth a look. Good luck with the project anyway and let us know how you get on!


Hi Daniel, yes - sounds great. We’ll be happy to support along the way - we are very interested in NLP use cases. Luke