Schema document with a list attribute

[Received by email and posted here for more general information]

If I create a schema document with a list attribute, I cannot instantiate an object according to that schema document.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new “data product”.
  2. Create document with name “Element” and no properties.
  3. Create document with name “List” and one property. This property should be a “link” type, with “links to type” element and the “list” specifier.
  4. Add some Elements in the document explorer.
  5. Attempt to create a List in the document explorer.

Cannot actually add Elements to the list. There is a box that says “Search for Element …”. When I click into that box, I get a dropdown with only one item, that also says: “Search for Element …”. No items show up for me to select. Typing does nothing. Just the faulty dropdown. When I click submit, I (understandably) get an “.Elements[0] should be string”.

I can add Elements to Sets just fine - this only happens with List.

This bug has been fixed. Could you try this again and let us know? :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m the original reporter of the issue. I tried again and it is working now. Thank you!