Terminus DB AppImage


The Terminus DB AppImage returns errors about GLibC and more. Aren’t AppImages supposed to always supply every dependency in the file included? If not, where can I read up about what dependencies are needed?


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beyond my pay grade - @curiousgraph or @dmytri will have answers I hope

Which version are you using? 3.0.7 appimages should work, dev/canary/rc versions may have issues as we’re changing the build process to accommodate the new binary/cli.

Are you having trouble with 3.0.7?

How do I find out what version the file I download is? I only know this file available here: https://terminusdb.com/hub/download
The AppImage file for GNU+Linux.

You can see all the versions and tags here: https://github.com/terminusdb/terminusdb/releases

But if you are pulling the AppImage from the main download center it should just be the main version. Will check it out to see if there is an issue.

Hey, can you join us on discord to screen share at some point tomorrow?

Hello, no, sorry. I don’t have a good opinion of Discord, here are a few reasons: https://stallman.org/discord.html
However, don’t fret, I have good news for you! There are alternatives that respect your freedoms, wooh! How about the excellent options Matrix or maybe Jitsi Meet?

Thanks for the link to the releases versions. Here are the first lines of the many errors I get returned when I try to run v3.0.7:

PATH /tmp/.mount_terminBLVswj/resources/app.asar/public/TerminusDB-amd64.AppImage
Starting TerminusDB
stderr: ERROR: /tmp/.mount_.org.c5TuIUT/usr/lib/swi-prolog/pack/terminus_store_prolog/prolog/terminus_store.pl:62:
ERROR:    /tmp/.mount_.org.c5TuIUT/usr/lib/swi-prolog/pack/terminus_store_prolog/prolog/terminus_store.pl:62: Initialization goal raised exception:
ERROR:    '$open_shared_object'/3: /lib64/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by /tmp/.mount_.org.c5TuIUT/usr/lib/swi-prolog/pack/terminus_store_prolog/lib/x86_64-linux/libterminus_store_prolog.so)

stderr: ERROR: /tmp/.mount_.org.c5TuIUT/usr/share/terminusdb/core/query/metadata.pl:8:
ERROR:    Exported procedure terminus_store:nb_apply_diff/2 is not defined

Tell me if I can do something for you to help.

Hey @GNURocks, totally respect the position.

Thanks for that FSF link, Discord does not require running a client program tho, seems to work fine in Firefox for me, but I completely understand the desire to avoid propitiatory systems, and many of Stallman’s reasons are obviously good ones.

We’ll look into it some more, and respond, if we need to do a screen share with you, we’re happy to use Jitsi or Matrix. Does Matrix support screen sharing?

What distribution of Linux do you use?

Also, if you are able to run Docker or podman, you can use bootstrap on linux, which is mostly what we use for development.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: Javascript can be nonlibre too :confused:
Matrix supports Jitsi as a widget and Jitsi uses the browsers’ mechanics to share the screen, which also supports only sharing a specific window, so yes :slight_smile: I’ll also gladly post screenshots, too. Please ask more questions about the software if you have some, I’ve come to be somewhat knowledgable. E.g. some French and German state services use Matrix.

I use Fedora but want to change to Guix System soon. I’d like to run multiple Distros, too, maybe virtualized, but no way I’ll manage that soon, haha. Maybe I’ll run one from a stick. I should look into Docker, yeah. Never heard of podman before. It will take me some time to come back with results on that topic, but now is a really good time to tackle those things.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve used Matrix/Riot/Element on and off for years, I’m dmytri:matrix.org, but don’t tend to log in to often.

If you’re a fedora user, you might like toolbox. Podman is a drop-in docker replacement that doesn’t require the Docker daemon.

Guix and Nix have intrigued me for years, as has Silverblue

Which version of Fedora are you running so I can try the appimage in toolbox using that version?


Hello, I’m back! :slight_smile: I have been looking for other solutions as encryption is important to me and a pure JS solution as well as I like a lot of features of GUN DB, a JS graph database engine. I’m still interested in Terminus DB however.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’m on a very old Fedora version, so not relevant really. I’ll report back from Guix :smiley: I have invited you to a chat per Matrix.

Right now I’m checking out comunica, a pure JS SPARQL umm engine? It’s all still a bit confusing, haha.