TerminusDB on Hacker News: great discussion

The documentation on the Terminus website is still a bit sparse. I think it is important to give the community pointers to as much information as possible. A really great source in that respect was the recent Show HN done by - I think - the Terminus team:

(Note: This is what brought Terminus to my attention)

One point of feedback:

“AI Code Generation”
I see this mentioned in the product comparison chart, but no mention of what that actually means.

@kevin :Yes, this is an unfortunately buzzwordy phrase. In this case it does have some meaning though - we generate what we call class-frames from the AI - simple logical javascript programs which know how to render documents and talk to the API, but definitely AI Code generation is not a good phrase.

@luke Yes, we need to delete that. And actually think about all the product comparison categories again. Too many parts!

This is not updated yet I see, but this refers to Frames (automated code generation) right?

Hello @aschrijver! Yes - we will launch a new documentation site very soon along with TerminusDB 2.0.
That was us on HN. On the ‘AI Code Generation’ - we did kill it that day, but it found its way back in somehow during an update of a different component. Will get rid of it again. We have an entirely new comparison table nearly ready to go.
And yes, it does refer to frames. But sounds over the top and maybe even a little risky (do you want the computers writing your code?), so I think we are going to have to approach the frames in another way.

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