TerminusDB Pub/Sub

How to make the interface for subscribing to data for selected queries correctly?

Like GraphQL Subscriptions, based on Web Sokets, but with WOQL with TerminusDB.

How to start working on this topic?

Alternative, as a PoC, realtime RDF-export is situable (for small datasets)

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This is realtime apps or not?

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How to write client

Is it possible to construct client with realtime subscriptions?

I want to construct 15 examples app for some cases with step-by-step instructions. But realtime UI apps will be prefer in 2021. If it is not possible with TerminusDB itself, I have to construct app with less clear stack, like SSOT by Hasura (Postgress + GraphQL) for realtime updates, and TerminusDB that syncs with Hasura for complex filters and analytics queries. I think you understand why this (second) way is not promote Terminus as modern platform, despite all the benefits of it.

Implementation of this approach for SPARQL (Blazegraph triple-store)

SPARQL 1.1 Subscribe Language
Unofficial Draft 12 October 2018

Hi @alex-mart Thank you for all your suggestions. We will have a talk about this with our devs and engineers in our planning meeting. In the meantime, if you are welcome to have a look at our roadmap in our GitHub and open issues for more suggestions: Roadmap · GitHub

Hello @alex-mart,

Pub-Sub is one of our most requested features, and as such we’re discussing where to put it on our timeline. Ideally we’d want to be able to put a number of subscribers on various data assets as “after” hooks so that we can inform the subscriber of changes in content.

We’ll have a think about the best way to implement it, but we’re open to suggestions!