Web client for Terminus hub


I thought the Terminus hub was a web interface to the hub. Is that a considered feature? I think it would be great for getting to know Terminus DB quickly and testing things out.

Another question: If I install the client, can I also use it without the Terminus hub? Or do I need to install other software packages for that like a Terminus DB server app?

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@GNUrocks - TerminusHub is a sharing hub for collaboration on databases, so has pull, push and clone. Like GitHub isn’t the place you deploy code, TerminusHub isn’t where you run queries. We also think it would be great to have more web interface functionality (workflows, discoverability, maybe some queries…) but we haven’t got there yet. For the moment, apart from profile details, you interact with TerminusHub via the console. Once you are signed in, you’ll be able to see all of the collaboration features, including the recommended sample databases.

If you install TerminusDB you can run it without hub. The hub just turns on the collaboration features.

Hope that makes sense (and thanks for feedback on hub - it is in our general roadmap to have these sort of features as you can see on the board)

Hi again, luke,
happy to hear you’re planning these features :slight_smile:

Is that the client available for download on terminusdb.com/hub? Or is there another, easier way to connect to the hub? Like a CLI app? I thought because there is a JS client it would be possible to run queries through the web. But queries are only sent to the server and they get run there? That’s my new guess.

BTW I can’t really grasp any of the information of that funny roadmap picture, haha.

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You can download TerminusDB here:

4.0 will include a cli, should be available in the next week or so, and yeah, the javascript and python sdks are for querying your own server, either the one that is embedded in desktop on your local computer, or one you are running on a server, via bootstrap or otherwise.

Hi dmytri, thanks for your insightful reply. If the CLI-client have a minimial server integrated, hit me up again :slight_smile:

Yeah, the cli is part of the database binary, so it will just accept an argument --serve to run as a server. We’re working hard to get the release out :slight_smile:

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