Welcome to The TerminusDB Community Forum!

TerminusDB is an open-source full-featured in-memory graph database management system with a rich query language, WOQL. TerminusHub facilitates reliable, private & efficient revision control & collaboration for data-intensive teams. Please ask questions or leave comments - this is an inclusive open source community.

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What makes TerminusDB special:

This is a community interested in TerminusDB, a new type of database. Terminus brings together the key advantages of traditional SQL databases and the most desirable features of graph, semantic, document and time-series database alternatives.

TerminusDB is released with the GPL v3 license - it is open source now and forever.

About the categories

We recommend positing in one of the domain-specific categories.

#users is our category for questions. You’ll also find tutorials there, which can be submitted by Terminators

#terminators is the home of discussions relating to specific capabilities of TerminusDB, particularly if you are interested in schemas or specific subject area schema

#devel topics are for people contributing to the core capabilities of the system or developing new clients

#docs is where to contribute to or comment on TerminusDB’s documentation

#WOQL is for all comment and discussion of the Web Object Query Language

Download at https://terminusdb.com/

Git Hub: https://github.com/terminusdb/terminus-server

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Hello! Welcome to everybody

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