What is best Knowledge Graphs Database: TypeDB vs TerminusDB

TypeDB is a Graphs Database designed for Knowledge management:

TypeDB has same power than Semantic Web Stack(RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL and SHACL.), but with much less complexity for user:

I have never used both technologies. It seem TerminusDB use Semantic Web Stack language, so I deduce that using TypeDB is less complex than using TerminusDB.
TerminusDB has git like versionning feature, I think it is a important feature to Knowledge management.
TerminusDB use high performance language, TypeDB use Java. I think TerminusDB has potential to be very performant, even I can’t find any benchmark to compare both database.

I hesitate what technology to choose. Anyone has a idea?

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I hesitate to answer as I am on the TerminusDB team.

TerminusDB uses parts of the semantic web stack so it can be interoperable with open data, but departs where the semantic web stack becomes complex. We pick technologies to give users as much utility for the lowest cost possible. Our JSON-like schema, and document interface are designed to make things as easy as possible.

In terms of performance benchmarks - we are working on that right now. Read more about the latest in Terminus here:

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