WOQL.get(...). file("/home/user/file.csv", {type: csv} ) Does NOT work

The WOQL.get(…). file("/home/user/file.csv", {type: csv} ) Does NOT work.
I want to load a local csv file. Any clue what’s wrong.

Are you using the docker or the electron app?

I am using the Docker TerminusDB app for now.

Ok, the issue here is with visibility of the files in the Docker. There is a work-around which I’ll dig up in a minute. With the electron app you have direct visibility of your file system though and it might be a bit easier to use this.

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Hello orioncri,

If you are using docker, with TerminusDB Bootstrap then create an env file in terminusdb-bootstrap, and add
TERMINUSDB_LOCAL=$(cmd //c cd)\\csvs and

Restart bootstrap.

Also, in your query change the file path to /app/local_files/, so your query would look like -
WOQL.get(…). file("/app/local_files//file.csv", {type: csv} )