WOQL select: How do I select the Commit_msg

WOQL select: How do I select the Commit_msg from an add_triple that I previosly inserted?
I want to add it to this select:

WOQL.select(“v:Ccid”, “v:City Content Id”, “v:City Id”, “v:City Name”).and(
WOQL.triple(“v:CityContent”, “type”, “scm:CityContent”),
WOQL.triple(“v:CityContent”, “cityContent_id”, “v:City Content Id”),
WOQL.triple(“v:CityContent”, “ccid”, “v:Ccid”),
WOQL.triple(“v:CityContent”, “ccity_id”, “v:City Id”),
WOQL.triple(“v:CityContent”, “name”, “v:City Name”)

You can traverse the commit graph and look at each commit with the query:

added_triple(sub, pred, obj)

This will find if it was added in this commit. It is much more efficient to write this at the database layer however as the low-level store knows which commit it is on when it looks at an added triple so we have it in our roadmap to add this relatively soon.